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QCONZ America Latina

QCONZ AL is based in Brazil and is a market leader in the development of quality systems for the agricultural industry. The team provide auditing, consulting, and training services for the entire agribusiness chain, including dairy, rural producers, and the government. They operate in a number of regions throughout the country and its’ Latin America neighbours.

QCONZ AL offer a complete system of ‘best practice’ procedures from farm dairy to milk processor, designed to meet government regulations, to help improve the quality of chilled raw milk, reduce food risk, and provide protection to the end consumer.

To grow the knowledge and skill base of local farmers and rural professionals, QCONZ AL offer classroom-based training courses, farm workshops, and online training options. In partnership with Milk Bar Brasil, the supplier of New Zealand style calf rearing systems, QCONZ AL run a calf rearing course built around simple and efficient rearing systems.

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Case Study - Good Practices on Farm – Practices Grade 10 program

QCONZ AL were approached by CCPR (Central Minas Gerais Rural Producers Cooperative) to help build the ‘Practices Grade 10’ certification program, a tool used to improve the internal processes on farm and for harvesting safe, quality milk.

CCPR’s Practices Grade 10 program assesses 4 pillars of dairy farming:

  • animal welfare,
  • management,
  • infrastructure, and
  • milk quality.

To gain program certification, farms must meet 100% of program mandatory requirements and 75% of good practice.

Today, 58% of CCPR’s milk volume is certified and there are currently 524 certified producers. In addition to the benefits that come with program compliance, a certified cooperative producer of the CCPR system will receive a bonus per litre of milk supplied in the month from the Dairy Company.

Picture of farmer Nair Campos and Flavio Batista, at Farm Sao Paulo with 650 L/day yield production.