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We offer an extensive range on on-farm services on behalf of dairy companies and dairy farmers.

We can assist dairy farmers with milking efficiency and can help you maintain excellent milk quality throughout your plant.

Improve on-farm systems, milk quality and operational performance.

We can offer assistance to herd managers in reducing mastitis and somatic cell count problems.

Technology is an integrated part of our service delivery model, and our systems offer scalable solutions for farms and companies, with all data electronically captured on-farm and reported in near real-time.

Effluent Management

QCONZ staff are trained in effluent management and assessment.

Analysis of systems and recommendations, including offering a Dairy Effluent WoF.

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Environment Verification

QCONZ is very experienced in farm environmental verification.

This is generally done at the same time as the annual farm assessment.

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FDE Assessments

QCONZ complete over 80% of New Zealand’s dairy annual regulatory FDE (Farm / Dairy / Environmental) assessments and are by far the largest auditor of FDE assessments in New Zealand.

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Inhibitory Substance Audits

Inhibitory Substance Audits will follow a farmer having a positive inhibitory substance result for their milk and is critical to protecting the milk supply.

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Milk Cooling Assessment

The milk cooling assessment is becoming an increasingly important assessment with the change to the MPI regulations around on farm milk cooling due in 2018. This assessment requires two visits to the farm.

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Milking Shed Approvals

When a dairy farm undergoes a significant upgrade in either the structure of the building or the plant installation, a Dairy Approval must be carried out before supply of milk may occur.

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Milk Quality Tracebacks

We are heavily relied on by many of our clients to help dairy farmers with milk quality problems.
All visits include a comprehensive report and can include photos.

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Non-conformance Follow-up

Non-conformance follow-up and close out is an important part of the integrity of the annual farm dairy assessment.

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Suspect Milk Testing

If required, we are capable of completing sense tests and inhibitory substance tests on farm.

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Water Sampling

QCONZ is very experienced in managing and completing tri-annual water testing of farm dairy water.

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