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FarmScope is a smart task management and quality assurance app developed for farmers and dairy companies.

FarmScope allows you to manage your land, feed, animals, and staff, and record and report farm performance from your phone!

It’s a simple low cost, no paper, on/off line solution that puts you in control of all the important jobs across a farm.

How it works

The system works across all levels – with farmers, farm workers, corporate ownership groups and dairy companies.

FarmScope allows for simple tasks requiring done/not done responses, to comprehensive tasks which require adherence to farm standard operating procedures.

Tasks may be ‘compulsory’ as defined by the parent company or by regulatory bodies who can add ‘required’ data fields.

Simple steps:

  • Farm manager creates task / or on-farm procedure on web dashboard
  • Schedule/assigns tasks and procedures to farm staff
  • Staff receive tasks alerts and reminder via email or text
  • Staff install mobile app and record, capture and update tasks assigned using mobile smartphone

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