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FWFP | QCONZ Freshwater Farm Plan tool

An affordable digital tool for farmers and growers

QCONZ has designed a Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP) tool to enable farmers and farm consultants to electronically build their own freshwater farm plan. The system is affordable, intuitive and includes a wizard feature to step you through the process.

A freshwater farm plan identifies practical actions on farm that help improve local waterways and overall water quality across New Zealand.  From 2025 a freshwater farm plan is a requirement on all properties 20 hectares or more in arable and/or pastoral use, and 5 hectares or more in horticultural use.


  • Affordable
  • Simple risk management
  • Easy to use
  • Live management of actions
  • Saves you time
  • Simple farm mapping
  • Meets regulations
  • Plan in one place


  • Wizard function
  • Compatible with other systems
  • Electronic report
  • 5 users per farm

How QCONZ FWFP works

Simply log into the system and use the wizard feature to step you through each section of the freshwater farm plan. Once your plan is complete you can submit and generate a report to share. The plan is a working document which means you can make updates at any stage. The reminder system will help with closing out actions.

The system enables farmers to:

  • Build their own freshwater farm plan to help meet compliance
  • Identify areas where there is risk to fresh water i.e. slope, effluent run-off, unfenced waterways etc
  • Create actions to mitigate the risk
  • Check actions off to show that they have been done
  • Print and share plan once complete

To learn more visit the QCONZ FWFP website


Alternatively call 0800 726 695

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