FarmScope - Farm Management

FarmScope is a digital dairy diary solution and communication and collaboration tool for farmers and dairy companies.

Farmers can use the the management system for tasks, templates, and procedures to better manage staff, assigning tasks and tracking the completion of those tasks.

The system works across all levels with farmers, workers, corporate ownership groups, and dairy companies.

With mobile and cloud web technology – the smartphones run “offline” but automatically sync tasks and as they find coverage.

Users can have full oversight of operations, compliance, and KPI information on how the business is performing.

Tasks can be customisable from simple events requiring only done/not done responses, right up to those that are comprehensive and requiring adherence to farm SOP’s. Tasks can also be recurring and the system can include ‘compulsory’ tasks as defined by the parent company or by regulatory requirements.

Dairy companies can automate compliance to Dairy Quality Assurance systems and other required data capture areas.

Multi-farm Groups such as corporates enjoy a separate level of management between multiple farms, farm managers and farm staff.

The web dashboard is where farmers can create user’s and task templates (ranging from simple to full SOP’s), and view these via a calendar showing all staff and their assigned tasks.

Farmers will be able to view their own statistics and KPI reports across their staff – manage how tasks are tracking over the farm by user or by group.

Users can view, create, and manage:

  • Tasks & SOP templates
  • Users
  • Calendar interface
  • KPI reporting across staff, farm or farms

While the core of the system is the web based dashboard, the system is also entirely mobile compatible with all levels of users able to work online and offline, syncing tasks and information between mobiles.

Reminders and alerts can be customised and delivered via email or txt, including escalations and a process for tasks not completed.

The calendar view includes

List of tasks assigned to that user.

  • Ability to create new tasks and assign to other users
  • Escalation and notification management
  • Every task is linked to a Procedure or Task template


Farmscope is a farm management system for tasks, templates, & sops – for farmers, staff, corporate ownership, and dairy companies. It uses mobile and web based technology.

Dairy Company:   Users create templates (digital diary SOP’s, plant checks, surrounds etc) and assign these to farms and responsible persons. Able to create recurring series for tasks. Can add farms and users, but no rights to see any day-to-day farm operations, tasks, staff, farm templates, or any other farm information.

Farm Group:   Users operate across multiple farms like a corporate environment. Can create farm group templates, tasks, and manage people and tasks across all the associated farms. Users from any farm can be assigned tasks on other farms.

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Did you know?

Farmscope is a farm management system for tasks, templates, & procedures and integrates regulatory compliance with a streamlined task management system.

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