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Talk to us about smart management and training solutions .

QCONZ technologies help improve business efficiency.

Virtual Coach eLearning

Unleash the knowledge within your business with Virtual Coach eLearning System.

A cost effective way to support staff training, “Virtual Coach” offers interactive, ‘bite sized’ learning modules that staff can complete at a time to suit them and you.

Accessible from a website, modules can be run on or off line via a pc, tablet or smart phone. Training records can be kept for compliance and auditing purposes.

We work with you to design and develop learning modules to meet your training needs.

  • Technical and skills training
  • Staff induction
  • Health and safety
  • Standard operating procedures

Information Leader (iLeader)

iLeader is a document and data management system that helps you monitor and demonstrate compliance.

Originally designed for meat processors, iLeader is a fully integrated system that allows compliance data and documents to be collected and managed centrally. It provides you with the information you need to monitor/manage performance and satisfy compliance requirements.

QCONZ are users of, and New Zealand’s agent for, iLeader. We can help you improve your quality management capability.

Whether you are looking to move to a customisable, paperless system or are an existing user wishing to optimise to build in more functionality, talk to us about your iLeader needs.



Is your internal farm check process consuming too much time and leaving behind an endless paper trail? Talk to us about SYNC.

SYNC is an electronic data capture app for efficient flow of information between you and your team. This low cost, customisable solution will simplify and streamline internal audit processes and help manage your team, be they in the field or on the processing floor.

How does it work?

Simply design and create your own electronic templates. Build your own form from an array of data options including, photos/video, sound bites, gps, QR, locked or free text and numerical information. Once you have completed and saved your template, send it to your team to complete on their smartphone.

Your staff receive the form and complete it on their smartphone. Once completed they ‘sync’ the information and it is automatically captured centrally in a database to be monitored and report as needed. Paperless, real time, fully editable, fast and smart data when you need it.


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