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Environmental Sustainability

QCONZ assists businesses and industry sectors protect their environmental reputation.

QCONZ develops and audits environmental systems

Environmental management systems can be developed for a business or for an industry sector. We work with the business or sector to develop a solution that is economically viable for the sector while also being sustainable and environmentally robust.

We will ensure that the solution is based on sound sustainability and environmental best-practice. Our solution will often include cost effective in-house eLearning to ensure there is full business or sector uptake of the core principles.  More about our Online training here>>

QCONZ Certifies Systems

We assist industry sectors to showcase their environmental efforts and reputation by certifying individual businesses to the industry standard. In essence we independently verify businesses in your industry that meet your industry standard.

With an independently certified environmental system by QCONZ an industry can leverage its environmental efforts to gain significant confidence and enhanced market access and public goodwill.

Case Study - Nitrogen, Effluent, Waterways

We have been working alongside farmers in New Zealand for the past six years assisting them to meet water quality and environmental compliance targets. We have the largest and most qualified team of farm nitrogen management plan developers in New Zealand. Having reviewed and entered more than 30,000 nitrogen management plans in the past six years.

The design development and implementation of programmes and systems to manage and monitor nitrogen, effluent and waterway usage is core business for us.

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