Capability Building

QCONZ are specialists in primary sector capability building, we build capability in:

  • Skills – via training, custom eLearning development, mentoring and coaching
  • Systems – via review, refinement, deployment and certification
  • IT systems – via data capture, reporting systems, dashboards and apps
  • Reputation – via independent audit and verification

We provide support to farm managers and farm workers on their journey to being effective and efficient producers and suppliers. Some of the ways we helped build capability:

  • Help to find the cause of milk quality grades
  • Complete plant and vat checks to help trace residues in milk
  • Assist herd managers to reduce mastitis and somatic cell count problems
  • Evaluate milking machine cleaning system function
  • Evaluate herd and stock feeds
  • Perform cooling verifications
  • Assist with effluent management and water management plans

Our development and field teams have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your business where it counts.


Case Study - Milk harvesting efficiency

QCONZ assists farmers reduce the time that they spend milking. Reduced time in the shed means reduced labour costs, improved life-style and more time for the cows in the paddock…potentially increasing production.

Most of the productivity and efficiency gains that QCONZ will help you achieve will cost nothing, or next-to nothing! The focus is not about making a better shed or a better herd but instead is on using your existing shed to its maximum capacity.

Our consultants can coach you through the techniques to improve your milk harvesting efficiency including:

  • How to measure your current milk harvesting efficiency
  • How to prioritise areas where you will get the best bang-for-your-buck for your farm
  • How to refine your milking routine and techniques to improve efficiency
  • What minor tweaks need to be made to machine settings and configuration

Included with the above service is a suite of Virtual Coach eLearning modules – we call them Smart Facts, that will provide you with additional information and assistance.


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