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Data Capture and Reporting

Since 2003 QCONZ has been leading the way in primary sector data capture and reporting.

We develop custom digital solutions at the business level and also at the industry level. Remote data capture and automated reporting allows near-to-real-time visibility of business activity.

Every solution is unique but is likely to include:

  • Customised electronic audit form
  • Electronic live reporting
  • Automated exception reporting and alerts
  • Integrated Dashboard with end user access
  • Integrated smartphone App for end users and key stakeholders
  • Agile development environment that enables rapid deployment

Benefits to businesses include:

  • Increased consistency
  • Reduced day-to-day running costs and overall running costs
  • Rapid reporting and data availability, and visibility
  • Enables businesses to be highly agile and responsive to data trends
  • Peace-of-mind for management and governance

QCONZ works with you to develop a system that works the way you do! You decide the speed and direction of deployment and we make it happen – on our IT infrastructure or on yours.


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