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Animal Wellbeing

We work with the primary sector to ensure the wellbeing of animals is paramount.

The QCONZ team have extensive experience in the Animal Welfare Act and the new regulations that came into effect in 2018. We work with the primary sector to improve the wellbeing of animals through:

  • Systems development
  • Training development (training workshops and eLearning)
  • Audit and review
  • Digital reporting and dashboards
  • Verification and Certification

Our independence and reputation for practical and professional dairy sector auditing and assessment are some of the key attributes that resulted in us being selected for a nationwide animal wellbeing project. We also ticked the ‘agility box’ by being able to work with industry to roll-out the solution rapidly and effectively.

The fact that our solution went directly from planning and design to a full App-supported digital deployment was another key feature of the programme. Speed of deployment was critical.

We are widely respected at all levels of the primary sector, from the governmental regulators right through to farmers and rural professionals operating on-farm. A QCONZ coordinated solution will work!

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