MbT (Milking by Time) App

MbT (Milking by Time) is a row/rotation timer and app for Herringbone and Rotary dairies that helps you apply an efficient milking routine that is good for you, your staff and your cows.

With MbT you can:

  • Set the most efficient row/rotation time for your herd
  • Monitor row/rotation times
  • Record and review milking times
  • Implement MaxT

How MbT works

1.    Use the free APP to set your optimal milking time
2.    Start your MbT and start cupping

  • Herringbone: The MbT time counts down and will change to green when it’s time to change cups
  • Rotary: The MbT will show red if you go overtime

“Because of the MbT timer we don’t wait for slow cows, and we’re not wasting time walking up and down the pit. We know when it’s time to take the cups off, have plenty of time to spray teats and complete all our other tasks.  Milking is easier and fun again.“ 
– Gordon McFetridge, Dairy Farmer, Bay of Plenty

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