Audit Services - Sheep & Beef Sector

We carry out third party farm audit services in the dairy, red meat, poultry, and fertiliser industries in New Zealand. We have built a strong relationship with the farming and agricultural community.

Our team of qualified auditors are available to carry out meat processor compliance audits on farm. We have a trusted reputation in the primary industry and would love to discuss how we can add value and simplify this process for you.

Audit services we provide
  • 3rd party verification – audit and compliance
  • Development and advice for Assurance Programmes
  • Design Assurance Programmes
  • Consultancy – general advice
Business efficiency solutions
  • Electronic data solutions to support the audit and compliance process
  • App development

Certification Services

We have the knowledge and experience to work with the beef and lamb industry to develop and refine industry standards of quality, welfare, sustainability and biosecurity. We will work alongside the industry to roll-out the standards and make any required changes to skills, practices, reporting and compliance. This enables our team to audit and verify sheep and beef farms that are meeting the standard.

What we do:
  • We work with industry stakeholders at all levels, i.e. the farmers all the way through to the industry standards bodies and marketers.
  • We liaise with stakeholders to develop measures of quality, welfare and environmental responsibility to form the basis of an industry agreed standard.
  • We have developed an electronic auditing platform to streamline the capture, analysis, and reporting of information.
  • We design online training courses to help train audit staff on certification programme requirements and transfer knowledge.
  • We have integrated training and on-farm coaching systems to upskill farmers.
  • We can develop an integrated dashboard for each sheep and beef farmer to enable them to quickly see how they are going and where they need to focus.
  • We are proficient at reporting back to industry stakeholders and regulators.

The final result would be a certification programme developed for the industry…by the industry… it would be accepted and ‘owned’ by sheep and beef farmers to help secure the longer term market access of the products they produce.


Red Meat Conference

QCONZ is an annual supporter of the Red Meat Conference and we value this time to learn, share and network with food quality managers, farmers and industry specialists.

We know how hard it is to keep up with an ever-changing world of customer expectations and regulatory compliance. Discerning customers have increasing expectations and need reassurance about the origin and quality of the food they purchase.

We also know that technology is all around us, constantly evolving and business savvy leaders are looking for ways to use technology to remove inefficiencies, increase productivity and improve communication with their teams. Adding technology is being used more and more to help support a brand by backing up claims with reliable data.

QCONZ offer three technologies for the red meat sector to help overcome common issues:
  • The Information Leader (Ileader) system is a fully integrated computer system that allows data to be captured, systems monitored and reports generated. Ileader means there is a full audit trail of every interaction with the system, compliance data can be managed and collected centrally, providing a processor with information they need to monitor and manage performance and satisfy compliance systems.
  • Centrally managing teams and communicating with them across multiple devices can often be complex and lead to a confused flow of information. We offer the SYNC app which is a simple low-cost, customisable option to capture data over the mobile network.
  • Retaining staff and integrating seasonal workers can be helped using technology like QCONZ Virtual Coach eLearning system. Virtual Coach offers interactive, “bite-sized” online training modules that staff can complete at a time that suits both themselves and the employer. It’s an extremely cost-effective way of supporting and upskilling staff.

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